In Juneau

Legislature with Louie

Stay up to date and engaged on the First Session of the 31st Alaska Legislature with our Government Affairs Director: Louie Flora

Bills to Watch this Session

Our progress from an extraction economy depends on the policy we put in place this session. See what policy is moving towards clean energy, air and water, sustainable salmon streams and increased democracy.

We are Here For You!

The Alaska Center maintains a “boots on the ground” presence in Juneau during the legislative session.

Our work in Juneau focuses on three policy fronts: increasing salmon habitat protection, building a clean energy future for Alaska, and strengthening our democracy through increased voter turnout.

Our Government Affairs Director has over thirteen years’ experience working in and around the Alaska Legislature with specific experience in fisheries, energy, water and non-renewable resource policy.

Through daily contact with legislators and legislative staff, issue briefs, and constant communication with our organizing staff at the Alaska Center, our Government Affairs Director provides our members with the tools to effectively advocate on state policy.

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