Count is Complete!

A note from our Political Director

We are so happy to see TWO strong new leaders elected! Congratulations to Representatives Elect Dr. Liz Snyder in East Anchorage and Calvin Schrage in the Lower Hillside! 

We are proud to have worked towards Dr. Liz Snyder and Calvin Schrage’s victories. We look forward to working with these new leaders in Juneau to support policies that ensure our clean air and water, healthy communities, and strong democracy. And, we’re hopeful that these victories will ensure the future of the House Bipartisan Majority Caucus to stand up for these values.

In addition to Dr. Liz Snyder and Calvin Schrage, The Alaska Center Board is proud to have endorsed 31 state House and Senate candidates committed to working for a sustainable and just Alaska. We reached thousands of voters this year. We persuaded voters in critical districts to support conservation candidates, and we reached out to our members and supporters to ensure they made it to the polls. Our Political Director, Organizers, and Communications staff worked with volunteer leaders and the Mobilization Center to conduct direct voter contact through phone calls and text messages, literature drops, direct mail, email, and targeted digital advertising and radio. And we feel confident that the almost 2,500 phone conversations we had one on one with voters made a difference. We couldn’t have done it without your support. 

Many of these leaders, like Tiffany Zulkosky on the YK Delta and Dan Ortiz in Southeast, have successfully defended their seats against challengers. And others, like Stephen Trimble in West Anchorage and Kelly Cooper in the Kenai Peninsula Borough, put up a strong fight and built inroads to better leadership and progressive values in their district.

Regardless of who voters chose, we’re excited to work with the leaders in our state to stand up for our values and hold our leaders accountable.