Help Defend our State from Dunleavy

Governor Mike Dunleavy is slashing the budget and leaving our state reeling. We are facing lost jobs, communities isolated, elders without care, compromised public safety and a gutted education system. We need a budget that is forward thinking. We need leadership that listens to Alaskans.

See what these budget cuts mean for you.

Our Salmon Need Your Voice:

  • Fight for the necessary resources to make sure our waters stay safe. The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation runs the Alaska Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permitting and Compliance program. DEC received a “D” from the US Environmental Protection Agency on their state-by-state scorecard and needs to do more, not less, to protect our salmon streams. Support more money for DEC in the budget so that they can do their job better.  

  • The House Finance Budget Subcommittee recommended against the Governor’s proposed cuts to the Commercial Fisheries Division. The Commercial Fisheries Division manages commercial, subsistence, and personal use fisheries in AK jurisdiction. Stand up for our robust fisheries and reject the $1.1M in cuts to the Commercials Fisheries Division.

  • Stand up for healthy waters and strong oversight of the cruise industry by supporting a proposed $3.4 million budget allocation for the Ocean Ranger cruise ship pollution inspection program. This program, funded by cruise passengers, was put in place by an Alaska Citizens Initiative as a way to ensure our waters are protected from unauthorized cruise ship discharges. Governor Dunleavy vetoed funding the program in last year’s budget. Send a message to the Legislature that you support clean waters.

Alaskans Need Your Voice:

  • The Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) affects ALL Alaskans. AMHS is critical for food security, travel, and commerce. Stand with Alaskans in coastal communities to show how vital the ferries are to Alaskans. Show your support for the proposed $18.7 million increase to the AMHS.

  • The Governor proposed a $30M reduction in the education budget, leaving our future generations without the resources they need. We must fight to restore adequate funding for education. Tell the House Finance Committee to support adequate funding for education. 

  • Support good government. Tell the House Finance Committee you support intent language that directs Governor Dunleavy not to allow corrupt sole-source contracts to family members of wealthy donors. “It is the intent of the Legislature that AIDEA undergo a public and competitive bid process when awarding contracts. The contract awarding process should provide the opportunity of individuals and firms with similar experience to compete to provide services.”

Help us reach out and amplify Alaskan voices so that we can all have a voice in the future of our state. Help us hold those leaders accountable who would compromise the needs of their constituents for political power plays. 


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