Automatic Voter Registration

The Alaska Center was proud to support the successful passage of automatic voter registration into law in 2016. With a 63% majority, Alaskans expressed support for tying voter registration with the Permanent Fund Dividend application and granting more Alaskans than ever access to the ballot box.

There is potential for as many as 70,000 new voters on the rolls by the summer of 2018, with up-to-date addresses for hundreds of thousands more Alaskans.

The majority of these automatic registrants are currently underrepresented in statewide voting totals, including: Alaska Natives, rural Alaskans, veterans, active-duty military, and naturalized immigrants.

As these new voters come online, The Alaska Center will be joining with partners to break down additional barriers that prevent our state’s most marginalized populations from accessing the ballot box. We’re currently designing programs to engage these new voters in the civic process, using local elections throughout the year as testing grounds for new, experimental ideas. By incorporating national best practices into our uniquely Alaskan approach, we’re confident that Alaska could soon hold the title of the most engaged electorate in the country.

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