Anti-Discrimination Bill (HB 17)

Talking Points and How to Contact Your Legislator

Call in To Give Testimony

1 PM, Monday 3/14 House Judiciary

What Is House Bill 17?

Eliminates and prevents discrimination in employment, in credit and financing practices, in places of public accommodation, in the sale, lease, or rental of real property because of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, changes in marital status, pregnancy or parenthood.

Testimony Tips

 How to Testify at the Hearing: 
  • Call five minutes before the hearing.
    • Anchorage (907)-563-9085 
    • Juneau (907)-586-9085 Fairbanks (844)-586-9085
    • All other locations in Alaska (844)-586-9085 
  • Ask to be redirected to the House Judiciary Committee meeting to provide public testimony on HB 17
  • Stay on the line, when it is time to testify they will call on you and unmute your line 
  • Be sure to state your name, where you live, and that you support HB 17 

Why your voice is needed:

Historically, Alaska has been a forerunner for human rights, having passed our Civil Rights Act nearly two decades before the national act of 1964. But not all Alaskans are equally protected under the law. It's time we extend protections to ALL ALASKANS!
Our democracy works best when everyone participates, and when our Legislators get comments and calls from Alaskans, it really makes the difference. Just one or two unique comments can sway a decision-maker. You don’t need to be an expert to make a comment. Short and sweet comments are effective.

Talking Points:

  • We do not currently protect the civil rights of LGBTQIA Alaskans in statute and the protections are needed.
  • LGBTQIA population continues to lack legal protection from discrimination in housing, financing, employment, and public accommodations—protections we afford to all other Alaskans. 
  • Our human rights commission passed a resolution in 2016 urging the Legislature to make the very changes included in this legislation, given that the commission then lacked the authority to address these types of discrimination; the changes have yet to be made
  • HB17 will strengthen Alaska’s statutory protections for one of Alaska’s fastest-growing demographic groups
  • HB17 will make our state more attractive to workers considering a move from elsewhere.
  • HB17 will continue Alaska’s position as a model for human rights advocacy in the US.

Can't call in? Other ways to take action:

  • Find Your Your Legislator

    You can find contact information for your House Member and Alaska State Senator here. Enter your address and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Then make a plan to call or email, OR BOTH! Find Your Legislator>>

  • Make a Plan To Call

    Write down what you want to say, or highlight the talking points you want to speak on. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert. If you call during regular office hours you may reach a staff member, If you call after hours you will likely be leaving a voicemail. Make sure you let them know who you are, and where you live. Telling a personal story is impactful.

  • Prepare an Email

    Use the talking points below to draft an email. Short and sweet emails are impactful. Make sure to include who you are and where you live. Telling a personal story is impactful. Don’t worry! You don’t need to be an expert.

You can also email the House Judiciary Committee as a whole: [email protected]

Example Unique Comment:

Dear Representative X,

It is far past time our leaders ensure that all Alaskans have equal protections. When people I love can be turned away from jobs, housing, funding, or access to opportunities accessible to others it is not just an injustice to them it is an injustice to all of us. How and who people love, where they or from, or what they look like should not mean doors can close to them because of other people's ignorance or unspoken bias. Please push HB 17 the Anti-Discrimination Bill through the house and let our state again be a bastion of equality and opportunity for everyone. It's good for our economy, it's good for our communities and it's good for our future.

-Leah Moss