Vote By April 5

Kameron Perez-Verdia 

West Anchorage District 3 - Seat D


Kameron is a born-and-raised Alaskan, a non-profit leader, family man, and father of two young girls. Born and raised in Alaska, originally from Utqiagvik, Kameron has made West Anchorage his home. He has spent most of his career leading local non-profits and has extensive experience building relationships, working across differences, and fighting for a vision. In addition to his experience in the Assembly, Kameron has also served on the Anchorage School Board. He’s running for reelection to continue to push for a better future for West Anchorage. He is a committed listener with an open-door policy for all West Anchorage to guide our future together.

Kameron Supports Our Values

Strong Democracy:
  • Kameron believes in a civil and equitable democratic process at the polls and in Assembly meetings. 
  • Kameron understand that open doors to elected leaders is important and that creating a safe space for all Anchorage voices to be heard is the best way to defend our democracy.
Healthy Communities:
  • Kameron understands what real fiscal responsibility looks like.
  • Kameron supports programs that are fiscally responsible for the long-term, and understands that building strong communities means listening and meeting people where their need is.
  • Kameron is ready to build a healthier strong Anchorage; one that is livable and walkable, with a thriving economy and a plan for the future.
  • Kameron is ready to help make Anchorage a 21st Century City.

Climate & Clean Energy:
  • Kameron understands that an investment in clean jobs and renewable energies is what is best for our people’s and our climate’s future.
  • Kameron is ready to invest in a more walkable and accessible city and help push forward renewable energy investments in our city's infrastructure.

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