Allyship and Action: Webinar Series

Strengthening our advocacy for racial justice and sustainability

The Alaska Center envisions a thriving, just and sustainable Alaska for present and future generations. For this to become a reality, we need to understand true histories and recognize the intersectionality of racial justice, climate justice, and democracy. This requires building equitable partnerships and dismantling the systems and practices that perpetuate extraction, division, and oppression. We are excited to partner with Native Movement to offer a training series for our volunteer leaders, activists, and supporters to support us all in becoming stronger advocates for equitable change.

This series will address power and privilege, colonization and decolonization, white supremacy culture, and white fragility. We will contextualize these issues with examples of historical and current conservation, climate, and democracy advocacy and identify ways to apply learning to action. Our hope is that participants will come away with a shared understanding of the history, systems, and behaviors that need to be addressed, and tools to actively advocate for a just and sustainable Alaska.

We invite you all to apply for this series, no matter where you are on your learning journey. We have a limited number of spots and will prioritize people who can attend all four sessions.

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Interested applicants should fill out this short form indicating interest, availability, and role(s) (volunteer, activist, donor). Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis until September 1, and will be notified of their status shortly after review. 


Please contact us: [email protected] 

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The ideal participant can be anywhere along their learning journey, from those still questioning the connections between racial and climate justice to those who have been part of the work for years. Participants will support each other along this journey, and must be dedicated to education, action and continued learning. 

We are seeking individuals young and old, who share our vision and are already engaged with The Alaska Center programs/campaigns. Priority will be given to participants who can commit to all four trainings; all participants must be able to participate in the Decolonization I and II trainings (September 16 & 23). Interested applicants who can commit to 2-3 trainings, review recorded presentations and readings will be considered.

Fee: We are offering these trainings for $10/each=$40 per person. Applicants can indicate if they are able to pay this fee, or a higher or lower amount.

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