Solarize EVER

Solarize programs for
Eklutna Valley to Eagle River

Eagle River, Birchwood, Chugiak, Peters Creek, Eklutna Village, Eklutna Valley

Alaska Solar has been selected as the 2021 Solarize provider for communities from Eagle River to Eklutna Valley, including Birchwood, Chugiak, Peters Creek, and Eklutna Village. All communities north of the Hiland Rd exit to the Thunderbird Falls exit are included. If your home or business is in these communities, you have the opportunity to install solar at a discounted price exclusive to the Solarize program.

This Solarize campaign offers a limited-time discount on your solar installation. The deadline to participate is Friday, August 20, 2021. All installations will be completed by the end of October.

Alaska Solar is now scheduling complimentary site assessments for individualized solar production and financial analyses for residents and businesses. Installations are completed on a first come first serve basis, sign up now for the earliest possible installation date.

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Community Workshops and Important Dates

EVER Solarize organizers hosted two educational community workshops. 

See how solar may benefit you and your neighbors in our first community workshop with Alaska Solar! All Eagle River to Eklutna Valley Residents and Business Owners welcome to participate.

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    Thanks again for your interest! Sign up here for a site assessment to get your home or business’s personalized review. Our next Q&A session is May 6 - get the zoom link here