Solarize South Addition

Anchorage Solar has been selected for the 2019 Solarize installer in the South Addition neighborhood. If you live in the South Addition area you have the opportunity to invest in solar with Anchorage Solar this summer with the Solarize program.

Anchorage Solar is scheduling site assessments for interested participants. You will learn more about your homes individual costs and benefits for investing in solar. If you are interested in getting a site assessment you can sign up — here!

This Solarize campaign offers a limited time discount on your home installation. The deadline to participate is Solstice – Friday June 21, 2019. All installations will be completed by mid-October.

Only South Addition Residents are eligible to participate in this program. The boundary is the defined by the South Addition community council map.

Check this map to see if your street is included>>

Community Workshops

There are two educational community workshops where you can attend to learn more and meet the Anchorage Solar team.

March 5th at 7pm at First Presbyterian Church, 616 W 10th Ave – RSVP to [email protected]

April 30th 7:00 at First Presbyterian Church, 616 W 10th Ave – RSVP to  [email protected]

Please send your contact information to [email protected] if you’d like to added to the South Addition listserv.

Solarize Savings

There are three discounts available for South Addition residents through the Solarize program.

The Solarize Discount:

Anchorage Solar has offered a competitive price for participants in the Solarize campaign. The campaign is designed to offer a tiered pricing approach. Everyone who participants in the program will receive additional savings if a 20kW total threshold is exceeded.

Please see the chart below for more information on the Solarize Pricing.

Federal 30% Tax Credits

2019 is the last year the full 30% tax credit it available. The credits start to decrease in 2020 and will be capped at 10% by 2022>>

Net-metering benefits

Solarize South Addition participants are eligible for ML&P’s net-metering benefits. Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid and then owners use that credit in the evening or on cloudy days. The total inputs and outputs to your home are totaled at the end of the month.

Pricing Chart

These are the base prices that Anchorage Solar has offered for the campaign. Prices will vary depending on your homes individual needs. Schedule your site assessment today to learn more!

Anchorage Solar is offering additional savings if the total kW reach through the campaign exceeds 20kW. The first chart is the low capacity pricing per kW and the second chart is the high capacity prices, or the prices everyone will receive is more than 20kW total is installed. For average sized systems, 20kW is about 6 homes -- this means if roughly 6 of your neighbors all sign contracts everyone gets additional savings!



2-3 kW


3-5 kW


5-8 kW


>8 kW




2-3 kW


3-5 kW


5-8 kW


>8 kW