Federal Climate Action

For climate action to be effective we must grasp onto opportunities at the local, state, and federal levels. With the current administration, we see a real possibility for economic growth for Alaska that doesn't compromise climate.

Take Action on Climate TODAY

Federal opportunities for action that will have long-term effects on our climate, our jobs, and our futures.

How can you take action?

Senator Murkowski has the power and leverage to ensure that climate stays a part of the conversation as these bills move forward. It is important that we keep reminding her of the opportunities these bills have for our economy and our future. This is the time to go big on recovery for all of us. It's time for climate action now and we must embrace this moment for real long-term climate goals.

We will keep you updated with opportunities to engage and if you would like to help push this work forward, please feel free to donate or volunteer. We are in this together.