Salmon are a fundamental part of Alaskan culture and heritage. AYEA teens in communities across the state recognize the importance of fish in their lives; from subsistence to the economic benefits of a robust salmon industry, we connect deeply to this resource. For their 2017-18 campaign, AYEA decided that the laws in Alaska should reflect the value we hold for our salmon. AYEA is advocating for House Bill 199 to update salmon habitat laws and better protect our fish.

Sign your name to support HB 199 to update fish habitat permitting

At the Youth Organizing Summit AYEA teens came together to plan a campaign around raising awareness and showing support for salmon protection. They are focusing on supporting HB 199, which Representative Louise Stutes introduced to the legislature last year. The bill would provide critical updates to salmon habitat permitting laws- the laws have been the same since statehood, and it’s time for an update. Key provisions of the bill define healthy rivers, promote responsible development, and give Alaskans a voice in the decision-making process.

AYEA envisions a thriving environment for generations to come. HB 199 is desperately needed move towards that vision. With many impressive wins behind the program, AYEA has shown they have the tools to make change happen. Stay tuned for more updates about their efforts!

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