Fighting for existence

“Salmon are one of the only fish that can live in saltwater and in freshwater. What I learned is, that salmon leave the rough part in the streams and into the oceans to feed before they come back. Many of you came out of tough environments, but then you left that environment and went into the ocean. You can stay in the ocean, and many of us are doing our activism from the ocean and not in the struggle. For a movement to be successful, the salmon understand that while they go to the ocean to fatten up, to fight for the next generation, they must go back into the struggle and swim upstream.

Salmon know that for them to push for the next generation, they must then row against the current. They know, that if they don’t swim upstream, if they don’t leave the ocean confines, the next generation will not exist.

That is where we are as human beings. This generation is the most important generation that we have ever seen. The difference for them is that when our generation was coming up, we were primarily fighting for equality. For this generation, they’re not only fighting for equality, they’re fighting for existence, just like the salmon.”

-Reverend Lennox Yearwood, Jr.

Help us swim upstream

The next generation needs us all.

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