It's Time to Go Big on Climate

We have an opportunity to go big on climate and push for an infrastructure package with specific proposals for clean energy investments and clean energy jobs for Alaskans. We need our leaders to have the vision to move our economy forward for the long-term health of our climate and our families.

What you need to know right now:

  • While the bipartisan agreement contains needed investments in our nation’s infrastructure, it is NOT a climate bill. 
  • The bipartisan proposal does not include the necessary investments to tackle the climate crisis, reduce pollution, create millions of good-paying jobs, and address environmental injustice
  • Moving forward on the bipartisan framework alone would send a message to communities across the country that their future is not important
  • It is imperative that Congress moves forward with the two-track approach to pass a bold climate, jobs, and justice package through reconciliation

Take Action on Climate TODAY

Federal legislation will have long-term effects on our climate, our jobs, and our futures.

How can you take action?

Alaskans need jobs. Jobs that move our economy forward towards renewables and make us less dependent on extractive industries. The plan has funding to support infrastructure, clean energy development, and innovation. We need Senator Murkowski to stand with Alaskan jobs and make sure the proposed infrastructure plan contains robust measures to address climate change. It's time to go big. Ask her to join our commitment to a thriving economy. 

Take Action on Climate TODAY

We will keep you updated with opportunities to engage and if you would like to help push this work forward, please feel free to donate or volunteer. We are in this together.