Together For Tomorrow

If you are a supporter of The Alaska Center, you are likely abundantly aware that we are in the heart of this year’s End-of-Year fundraising campaign, Together for Tomorrow. You may have received a letter (on paper!), an email, or even a phone call from one of our staff asking you to donate to help us start the new year strong.

Our campaign, Together for Tomorrow, recognizes that we, the staff and board, do not do this work alone. We need your help. We believe that to realize our vision of a just, thriving, and sustainable Alaska, we must engage and empower Alaskans who share our values and are willing to take action. We are a movement-building organization. We do this work together.

Support Our Work, Donate!

Charitable giving statistics indicate that 30% of all giving happens in the last month of the year. In other words, a third of charitable giving happens in less than a tenth of the year. Next month you might receive an invitation to join us in Juneau to talk to your legislators or at a phone bank to get out the vote. In this season of giving, if you can, we ask you to be together with us in this work by contributing to power those efforts.

Our vision of a just, sustainable, and thriving Alaska is not just for us here today but is explicitly “for future generations.” We know that the work we do today to advance climate solutions and help restore salmon to our rivers is for our children, their children, and all the people and animals who will come after us. Your support powers our work today, and is also an investment in tomorrow.

We have grand and ambitious plans for 2023. We will advocate for community solar legislation to make clean energy solutions more accessible. We will celebrate and protect the salmon that we cherish. And, of course, we will be prepared to defend our democracy against ongoing attacks.

As we enter the final two weeks of the year, we are mindful of you who are a part of our work and make it possible. And we invite you to be with us Together for Tomorrow by donating today.

Contribute Today & Power Our Work Tomorrow

Thank you,
The Alaska Center

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