Protect Bristol Bay


Rally to Protect Bristol Bay MONDAY AUGUST 21- 3pm

Pebble is hosting a closed-door meeting at the Captain Cook Hotel with so-called “advisers” on how to build their massive mine in Bristol Bay.

Come down to the rally outside their meeting to support Bristol Bay and send the message that Alaskans agree: Not now, not ever will we allow Pebble Mine to be built in Bristol Bay.

Join us and our partners to Protect Bristol Bay Monday and every day >>

take action below buttonBristol Bay is at risk again.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has moved to cancel it’s 2014 protections for Bristol Bay. Lifting these restrictions opens our state up to foreign mining companies to develop a toxic, open pit mine near some of our most precious salmon headwaters.

Our largest fishery is at risk. We have til October 17 to convince the EPA  to keep these protections. Be heard and sign your name below.

Protect Bristol Bay.