Climate Change Commission

House Bill 173 would establish a desperately needed Climate Change Commission for our state and we need people to testify in support.


We need a commission to look at the facts and create real climate change solutions for those communities most effected by our changing environment and help all of Alaska be able to responsibly adapt and respond to any future issues brought on by our changing climate.

Public Testimony on HB 173 will be open at 3 p.m. Thursday, May 4th in the House State Affairs Committee. Please plan to call in and provide your testimony in support.

To testify please call or visit your local Legislative Information Office, or simply call (907) 465-4648 and ask to testify on HB 173 in the House State Affairs Committee.

Talking Points:

  • HB 173 would create a Climate Change Response Commission composed of cabinet level officials and local elected officials to come up with climate change solutions for Alaska
  • This bill is sponsored by Representative Andy Josephson, and Co-Sponsored by Representative Geran Tarr.
  • The bill envisions that the activities of the Commission and some of the solutions proposed by the Commission would be funded by a 1 cent per barrel surcharge on oil produced in Alaska – similar to the 1 cent per barrel surcharge currently levied on oil to fund the DEC response fund for oil spills.
  • Based on current oil production estimates, and the history of the DEC response fund, the sponsor estimates that this surcharge would raise approximately $12 million per year. Funding for the commission would not be an issue for our budget.
  • The Commission has broad duties, which includes grant-writing assistance and grant procurement, technical and financial climate impact related assistance to communities, advancement of renewable energy technology, and advising the Governor and Legislature on climate policy.
  • The Commission would help inform a climate change response strategy ultimately crafted by the office of the Governor.
  • The bill proposes a mix of relief and adjustment strategies for climate change in Alaska.