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Take Action: Tell the EPA to Protect Bristol Bay>>Image_nopebblelogo

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has moved to cancel it’s 2014 protections for Bristol Bay. They are trying to pave the way for Pebble – a foreign mining company that wants to build a massive open pit mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska near some of our nation’s most precious waters. The agency has proposed to erase protections that over a million Americans supported. But we have a brief comment period to let them know that Alaskans value our salmon streams over the profits of foreign companies.

Tell Scott Pruitt and our representatives that you will not stand for the EPA roll back. Stand your ground. Sign on TODAY.


Take Action: Support Climate Action Now >>CAnWEB

It’s time we let our leaders know, we expect a commitment to real solutions for climate change. Alaska is at the front lines and we can no longer sit back and watch as our homes and our futures are permanently altered by tangible climate change events.

Take action today to join the growing number of Alaskans who will work and will demand our leaders work for increased investment in energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and the resiliency of our communities.

Take Action: Show Your Appreciation for Indigenous Peoples’ Day>>

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is finally official. Take this moment to thank our leaders for making the right choice. They used their positions to enact legislation that recognizes and celebrates Native People. This is a a great step in honoring the contributions Native People have made to Alaska.

Sign on today to let Governor Walker and Rep. Dean Westlake know, this is the kind of leadership we like to see.


We work across the state to protect the resources that sustain our families, cultures, and communities, while ensuring that Alaskans have a voice in the decisions impacting our future:

  • Wild Salmon: Alaska’s wild salmon are part of our heritage, our identity, and our future. We engage Alaskans to protect critical habitat at the local and state level.
  • Clean Energy: Climate change threatens our fisheries, cultures, and very existence. We advance clean energy solutions that will help diversify our economy, transition from extractive industries, and make Alaska a leader in innovation.
  • Amplifying Alaskans’ Voices: Alaskans must be able to participate in the resource decisions impacting their communities and livelihoods. We are working for transparent government, strong democracy, and open public processes that allow the voice of the people to define our future.

We have countless ways for you to get involved – sign a petition, share one our Facebook posts with your friends, help out with an event, organize people you know to take action on an issue, or make a donation to support our work! We will ensure your voice is heard.


Kokanee salmon in spawn.

Protect our Salmon

Did you know that there are no clear rules in place to limit the amount of damage allowed to wild salmon habitat during a development project? The laws written at statehood were designed to protect our salmon — but they haven’t changed in almost 60 years. This lack of oversight has left our state vulnerable to harmful megaprojects like the Susitna Dam and Pebble Mine.

Thankfully, Representative Louise Stutes introduced the Stand for Salmon Bill (HB 199) to update Alaska’s fish habitat protection laws. HB 199 updates Alaska’s fish habitat permitting law by expanding Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s authority to protect fish habitat; creating enforceable protection standards; and giving Alaskans a voice in the permitting process. We have joined with our partners for the Stand For Salmon campaign to bring together communities from across Alaska to help support HB199 and have our voice heard when it comes to our salmon.

Take a moment to sign on to support sustainable salmon streams>>

Chuitna_watershed_Blank Version 110813

Together we Stopped the Chuitna Coal Mine

Just 45 miles west of Anchorage, PacRim Coal proposed a mine that would have permanently destroyed 13.7 miles of valuable salmon spawning and rearing streams in Cook Inlet. With our partners (Native Village of Tyonek and Chuitna Citizens Coalition) we fought tooth and nail against this for more than a decade, driving over 20,000 actions, and we finally won. Our wild salmon resources are critical to our way of life in Alaska and this sets a great precedence. The Chuitna River remains an important river to the Cook Inlet fishery and this is an important win for all of us.


If you’re interested in getting involved, click here to fill out our volunteer form or contact ACE Organizer Kristen Collins at (907) 793-8671 or for more information on any of these issues.