Education Fund Board of Directors

The Alaska Center Education Fund Board of Directors

The Alaska Center Education Fund Board of Directors

Ann Rappoport, Chair
John Duffy*, Vice Chair
Mike Fink*, Secretary/Treasurer
Brad De Noble
Kyrstyn Kelly
Kyndall Powers
Peg Tileston*
Nauri Toler

*Denotes The Alaska Center Crossover Board Member

Our volunteer board provides leadership, governance, and support to The Alaska Center Education Fund. We are currently developing a multi-year strategic plan to achieve our vision of a thriving and sustainable Alaska for future generations. We need thoughtful individuals to join us in this work. Our board meets monthly in Anchorage with a Skype/teleconference option. In addition, board members participate in committee work. Alternatively, if you are interested in participating in a more focused way, contact us to become part of one of our committees.

For more information and to apply (attach cover letter and resume or CV), please download the job description here and send your application to Ann Rappoport at

Ann Rappoport, Chair, Anchorage

Ann Rappoport

Ann Rappoport

Ann feels incredibly fortunate to have had a rewarding career as a biologist and to raise her family, recreate, and live in Alaska! Immediately after retiring from a 33-year career with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in Anchorage,  a long time member, she joined the Board of The Alaska Center Education Fund in 2012.

At the USFWS, Ann worked on issues active in both the ’80s and now (Susitna/Su­Watana hydropower, Beluga/Chuitna coal), as well as Arctic Refuge Coastal Plain environmental evaluations, and the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. She was subsequently involved in endangered species, conservation planning, environmental contaminants, habitat restoration, and fisheries as Field Supervisor for the USFWS Anchorage Fish and Wildlife Field Office. Recognizing the importance of connecting youth with nature, Ann participated in several USFWS youth programs, organized natural resources career fairs at several Anchorage high schools, co-­chaired the Get Outdoors, Anchorage! coalition, supported youth sessions at the Alaska Forum on the Environment, and was a mentor in the Alaska Women’s Environmental Network program. Ann also recently spent a few years as Conservation Director at The Nature Conservancy where she acquired non-profit experience useful to her current position as our Board chair.

Ann and her husband, David, have a son and daughter who enjoyed many summers as Trailside Discovery campers when they were younger; one was also an AYEA teen. Taking their Bernese Mountain dog Nellie, and Brittany Spaniel, Rascal, for daily walks provides Ann and David with frequent outdoor adventures, and Ann also enjoys x-country skiing, gardening, and biking. Ann is excited to be involved with The Alaska Center and the Alaska Center Education Fund so that she can continue working to conserve Alaska’s tremendous natural resources and ensure the involvement of our youth who will inherit what we conserve.

John Duffy, Vice Chair, Palmer

John Duffy

John has over 25 years experience at the local government level serving in senior management positions including Director of Planning and Borough Manager. John’s experience includes program and service evaluation, code enforcement, capital improvement programming, as well as leading efforts to develop organization-wide performance metrics and achieve high performance organizational measures. In addition, Mr. Duffy has served as a Planning Commissioner, and served on EPA’s Local Government Advisory Committee where he chaired the Indicators and Military workgroups. These workgroups addressed some of the diverse challenges faced by communities throughout the nation, including utilization of formally used defense sites, promoting renewable energy facilities, developing air quality measures, and funding water purification and distribution projects.

John recently used his past experience and knowledge to provide technical assistance to a Namibian local government. John is presently a PhD candidate with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. His doctoral research focuses on local government efforts in the realms of sustainability, climate change adaptation, and innovation. Lastly, John is a long-standing AICP member and an active member of the International City/County Manager’s Association.

John is also the Chair of the board for The Alaska Center.

Mike Fink, Secretary/Treasurer, Anchorage

Mike Fink

Mike Fink

Mike is a long time Alaskan, born in Fairbanks and settling in Anchorage after spending some time in the lower 48. He graduated with degrees in finance and accounting from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and left Alaska to see the world. Eventually he came to his senses and made his way back to Alaska where he has lived since 2009. Mike has spent most of his career working for large CPA firms, and holds a CPA license in Alaska and Oregon. In addition to his service as a crossover board member for both The Alaska Center and The Alaska Center Education Fund, he also sits on the Board of Directors for Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis (AWAIC) and the Accounting Advisory Board for the University Of Alaska Fairbanks School Of Management. He joined the board on a dare from his wife, Claire, while attending The Alaska Center’s annual silent auction.

When he isn’t busy working, Mike spends his time trying to keep up with his Claire and the dogs on the running and ski trails around Anchorage, or working on old motorcycles.

Mike is also a cross-over board member with our partner organization, The Alaska Center.

Brad De Noble, Eagle River

Brad De Noble

Brad De Noble

Brad is a long time board member for The Alaska Center Education Fund, and is passionate about the organization’s environmental advocacy, work on climate change and engagement of youth in conservation issues. Brad is an attorney whose practice primarily involves representing individuals and public interest organizations concerning environmental, real property and land use issues throughout Alaska.

After receiving his master’s degree in environmental law from Vermont Law School in 1997, Brad traveled to Alaska for a camping trip and never left. Nearly twenty years later, Brad remains committed to ensuring a sustainable, healthy environment for present and future generations.  Brad also serves on the board of the Alaska Avalanche School. Brad, his wife and four year old twins live in Eagle River.


Kyrstyn Kelly, Palmer

Kyrstyn Kelly

Kyrstyn is our youth board member, and a Junior at Colony High School in Palmer and also is takes classes at Career Tech in the Natural Resources pathway. She has been an active member of Alaska Youth for Environmental Action since spring of 2015, when she attended the Civics and Conservation Summit. Since then she has attended two summits as a trainer and has presented on behalf of AYEA numerous times.

This past summer she had an interned with the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies in Homer. When not working in Environmental and Social Justice Issues, she enjoys being outside, skiing, hiking, and all the joys that come with living in Alaska. She also enjoys spending time with her dog Ginger and pet pig.

Kyndall Hildebrandt Powers

Kyndall Powers

Kyndall Powers

Born and raised in Fairbanks, Kyndall holds both a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in Biology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Her research on mammal genetics has taken her to Tanzania, Madagascar, and throughout Alaska. Kyndall is currently the Collection Manager for the Genomics Resource Collection at the University of Alaska Museum where she manages one of the world’s largest collection of genetic tissue, an ancient DNA laboratory, and a modern laboratory. In addition to her science background, Kyndall has a strong background in education.
Kyndall’s free-time is spent cross-country skiing, snowboarding, skijoring with her three dogs, and distance running. Kyndall supports several youth programs such as 4-H and Girls on the Run. Kyndall and her husband Shane enjoy their ever expanding micro farm; raising ducks and geese for eggs, gardening, beekeeping, and growing mushrooms.


Peg Tileston, Anchorage

Peg Tileston

Shortly after arrival to the state in 1972, Peg Tileston began volunteering at the Alaska Center for the Environment and during the ensuing years, she served as both a board member and staff person. In addition, Peg has co­founded Trustees for Alaska, Alaska Conservation Foundation, Alaska Women’s Environmental Network, and Alaska Common Ground. Peg was on the board of Chugach Electric Association and the national board of Sierra Club and has served on a number of state and local advisory boards and commissions. In addition to this board, she also serves on the board of Alaska Common Ground.

Peg was the co-­owner of InformAlaska, a research corporation, and currently owns Tileston & Associates. Since 1999, she has produced the weekly calendar of natural resource and conservation events What’s Up, which is distributed statewide to over 2250 (mostly Alaskan) email addresses. Peg and Jules have been married for 58 years and have three daughters and two granddaughters.

Peg is also a cross-over board member with our partner organization, The Alaska Center.

Nauri Toler, Eagle River

Nauri Toler

Nauri was born in Utkiagvik (Barrow) and spent her early childhood living in the small village of Nuiqsut where she developed a strong connection to the outdoors and a subsistence lifestyle.  Nauri later moved to Fairbanks where she met her husband.  After living the military lifestyle for a while and having two children, her and her husband moved back to southern Alaska and now she works for ASRC Energy Services as a Health, Safety, Environment and Training Technician.  Nauri also works with HBSP, a committee dedicated to improving infant and mother health on the north-slope.
Nauri spends time playing the guitar and piano and loves to take a good picture whether it’s of her family and friends or of the beautiful Alaskan outdoors.  She also like to draw, hike, ice skate and is up to trying just about anything.