Meet the 2016/17 Youth Organizers

Each year, teens from around the state join us at the Youth Organizer Summit to learn how to build a campaign from the ground up. Click here to learn more about the program.


2016 Youth Organizers

Aishah JenkinsAishah Jenkins, Anchorage
Waqaa! My regular name is Aishah and my Yup’ik name is Paniinguarr. I was born and raised in Anchorage, but my family is spread out all over Alaska. I come from a big (and loud) family. I’m excited to attend the Summit because I love to travel, meet new people, and stay busy.
Brian ConwellBrian Conwell, Unalaska
I am a junior at Unalaska City High School. I enjoy playing basketball, spending time with friends, and playing music. I am excited to learn about the environment and meet new people at this Summit.
Everett CasonEverett Cason, Anchorage
My name is Everett, and I was born and have lived in Anchorage my whole life, where I have enjoyed running, skiing, and biking in urban areas that still feel wild (I've come across a number of moose and a bear or two). I feel fortunate to live in a place full of such beauty and would like to learn more so that I can increase awareness of climate change, which is definitely happening here. I am excited to be a youth organizer and to attend the summit where I can learn how to get people to listen and to understand how to protect the Alaska I know today. I believe AYEA will help me learn how to do that, and I plan to support AYEA into the future.
janie - for websiteJanie Standifer, Tyonek
My name is Janie Standier. I am 16. I live in Tyonek with my mom, dad, and little brother. Tyonek is located across the inlet from Anchorage. I am participating because I want to learn more on how I can help out my community and others. I enjoy spending time with friends and family in spare time and also enjoy drawing and playing music.
Jode SparksJode Sparks, Soldotna
I’m a junior from Soldotna, which is on the Kenai Peninsula. I like to run and ski cross country, travel, and help the environment. I’m excited to meet everyone and work together to shape a plan for AYEA!
Kaitlyn PhillipsKaitlyn Phillips, Barrow
My name is Kaitlyn Phillips and I’m from Barrow, Alaska. I’ll be 14 in September and I’m just starting 9th grade. I am the youth advisor of a Barrow chapter. I’m excited to attend the Youth Organizer Summit because AYEA is a fun way to get interested in the environment and law processes. I had a lot of fun at the last summit and I’m very excited for this one.
Miranda PetersonMiranda Peterson, Aniak
My name is Miranda, I’m a sophomore at Aniak Jr/Sr High School. I enjoy being outdoors hunting, fishing, boating and berry picking. I’m into playing basketball, volleyball and cross-country. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and meeting new friends.
olivia muellerOlivia Mueller, Eagle River
I’ve lived in Alaska my entire life and wouldn’t have it any other way. I attend Chugiak High School and love Cross Country Running, Nordic Skiing, and Track and Field. Additionally, I enjoy all the incredible adventures Alaska’s outdoors have to offer, including fishing, backpacking, kayaking, and exploring all of our state’s unique ecosystems. Living an active lifestyle in Alaska has helped me develop a huge appreciation for the individuality of our state, as well as a drive to help preserve and protect it. Taking action to make a difference through AYEA has been incredible, and I can’t wait to do more and inspire others to partake in the fight to protect our state.
Tadhg ScholzTadhg Scholz, Homer
Hi, my name is Tadhg Scholz (pronounced “Tige”). I am from Homer, Alaska and I pretty much live to ski- both downhill and cross country. I also mountain bike, hike, adventure, kayak, hunt, and do all kinds of outdoorsy stuff. I am excited to get involved with AYEA so I can help fight climate change and save winter!
Tasha ElizardeTasha Elizarde, Juneau
My name is Tasha Elizarde and I am an upcoming senior at Juneau-Douglas High School. The simple act of walking around Juneau inspired me to become involved with AYEA- climate change, as evidenced by our melting glaciers, is real! Along with the environment, I am passionate about social change. I read, write, take photos, play the ukulele, and love learning more about our wonderful world.
Thomasina TallThomasina Tall, Chevak
My name is Thomasina Tall, I’m 17 years old, and I’m from Chevak, Alaska. I’m excited to meet new people and learn new things.
Waylon UlroanWaylon Ulroan, Chevak
My name is Waylon Ulroan and I am from Chevak Alaska. I am attending AYEA Civics and Conservation Summit because I liked the last AYEA trip I went to and I learned so much. One hobby I like to do is help out friends and just hang out with them.

2016 Youth Organizer Summit Trainers

Kaytlyn KellyKaytlyn Kelly, Palmer
My name is Kaytlyn Kelly and I am currently a Junior at Colony High School. I've been in AYEA for a year and a half now and am ecstatic be returning this year as a trainer. Climate change is something that affects each and every one of us in ways unique and the same. Aside from AYEA, I’m very involved in my community through school and other volunteer work. I look forward to meeting all the new faces at this year’s Summit and seeing the familiar ones again.
Kyrstyn KellyKyrstyn Kelly, Palmer
Hi, my name is Kyrstyn Kelly, I'm 16 years old and from Palmer. I currently attend Colony High School and am a junior. I love being outside, some of my favorite activities include hiking and skiing. I'm well engaged within my community, I participate in sports and volunteer frequently. I attended both AYEA's Civics and Conservation and Youth Organizing summit last year, and I look forward to seeing what this years will bring.
Tyroan RediskeTyroan Rediske, Homer
Hi! My name is Roan Rediske and I’m from Homer, AK. I like to ski, hike, bike and overall just enjoy the outdoors. This will be my fourth AYEA event, since I am returning as a trainer for the Summit, and I’m super excited about participating in the future and saving my snow.
Cade TeradaCade Terada, Unalaska
I am a cross country runner and I enjoy the outdoors, whether it is hiking, camping, or just going for a walk. I cherish Alaska for its preserved beauty that has remained untapped by urbanization for the most part. This very reason is why I care so much about the climate, I have grown up surrounded by the beauty of Alaska and only wish the same for future generations to enjoy the same privilege that I have had to be able to call this vast beauty my home. In the future I hope to double major in biology and environmental science with a minor in recreation.
Carly DennisCarly Dennis, Eagle River
I was born in Alaska and grew up enjoying the unique outdoor experiences Alaska offers. I love running, hiking, skiing and camping, and I ardently believe that it is our responsibility to safeguard our state’s one of a kind environment. Young people are the key demographic when it comes to tackling these challenges because of our passion and energy, our autonomy, and our perspective, which is why I’m so very excited to be attending this year’s Youth Organizing Summit.